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5 Common Window Problems That Replacement Can Solve

Some window problems can be solved with a few simple DIY remedies and proper maintenance. Others are more serious and require help from professional window contractors.

If your windows develop any of the following problems, call your trusted window contractor for assistance:

  1. Sashes That Won’t Stay Open or Closed: If your windows won’t stay open or closed, you  need new ones. This can be hazardous as malfunctioning double-hung windows can slam closed on your fingers. This problem can also affect your energy bills by allowing unwanted heat to pass through, causing you to spend more money on air conditioning.

  1. Drafts: Traditional wood windows are susceptible to warping from temperature changes, resulting in uneven sashes and frames that won’t close properly. This allows cold air to seep in during the winter. Choose replacement windows made with material that remains stable even in extreme temperatures, like our exclusive Fibrex® material.

  1. Rotten Frames: Yet another common problem with wood frames is moisture infiltration. Without constant maintenance and repainting, moisture can be absorbed by the wood parts, leading to rot. While vinyl frames are pretty much rot-resistant, they’re not as energy-efficient as our Fibrex window replacement options.

  1. Condensation: Condensation on the window glass doesn’t always mean a leak. If it forms on the interior-facing surface, your home may have a humidity problem, which means the windows are actually doing their job. However, if the condensation is forming between the glass panels, it means the seal has been broken. In windows with insulating gas fills, the glass panels may appear as if they’re being pressed toward the center, similar to what happens when you suck a juice box empty.

  1. Water Spotting: Water spotting is caused by water with high mineral content, which typically happens when the windows are washed without being properly wiped afterward. These stains are extremely difficult to remove, so when choosing new windows, find ones with water spotting protection. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass features exterior metal oxide coatings that reduce water spots by up to 99% when activated by sunlight.

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