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Windows, Doors and Energy Efficiency: What You Need To Know – PART 2: Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors: Options Available to You

You see advertisements about windows and doors all the time, especially when you accidentally click a local contractor’s site: “Buy our products—trust us, they’re the best!” But how can you be sure? Thankfully, with various energy codes and labels that window and door manufacturers must supply with their products today, it’s now easier than ever for homeowners to differentiate great products from less great alternatives. However, more than simply looking for the ENERGY STAR label, you also need to take into consideration materials and other options that fit your needs.

To simplify your selection process, we discuss some of the options available to help you choose the perfect replacement window and door for your home:

  • Frame. Every frame material has its own set of advantages. To make sure you choose the best product for your needs, consult a trusted contractor who can perform an inspection on your home. Confirm that your potential choices offer high-quality performance and insulating properties. In addition, verify that they can stand up to harsh conditions and that they’re able to prevent heat loss effectively. Aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass are great at helping you save energy, but composites like Fibrex, for instance, have a leg up by combining the best attributes of wood and vinyl.
  • Glass: Unlike traditional windows and doors that are made of only one glass panel, modern units come with multiple panes. These extra panes allow them to screen unnecessary light and heat, making your indoor spaces more comfortable. When paired with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, the glass of your windows and doors can even help manage solar heat gain and loss in your home, as well as block harmful UV rays to protect your valuables from fading.
  • Size, shape, finishes and hardware: You have many style options when you choose to install energy-efficient windows and doors. Some people think that energy-efficient units are plain and boring, but they couldn’t be more wrong. From the size and color to the design, you can complement your home with almost any window or door–the design possibilities are truly endless. Be sure to talk to an expert, though, to make sure you’re choosing the perfect replacement window and door for your styling needs.

Quick Tip

No matter how advanced or high-end your new windows and doors are, they won’t perform according to their specifications if they’re not installed properly. Be smart in choosing your replacement window or door but also spend time looking for the right installers to work with.

Installing energy-efficient windows and doors can bring many remarkable benefits to the table. Discover some of the advantages you can enjoy in the last part of this three-part blog series!


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