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The Components of Our Energy-Efficient Glass Packages

Glass is a material known for its natural conductance. In the case of windows, a certain amount of heat is always going to penetrate through the glazing. Single-pane windows allow heat intrusion, which is a bad thing for your home’s energy consumption. Fortunately, installation windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Spokane counter this problem, thanks to the energy-efficient low-E glass packages that come standard on these units.

The Components of Our Energy-Efficient Glass Packages

Let’s take a look at the important components of our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages and how each one works to provide our replacement windows with unmatched function.

Dual-Panel Glazing

Our High-Performance Low-E4 glass packages are dual-paned, which means there are two glass panels in each frame. Separated by non-conducting spacers, this type of glass lowers the rate of heat conduction, resulting in a reduced need for indoor heating and cooling in the winter and summer, respectively.

Gas Fill

In addition to the spacers, the space between the two glass panels also contains a custom argon gas blend. This component helps slow the transfer of heat between the glass panes, which in turn improves the thermal performance of the overall product. We’re the only window replacement company to use an inert gas blend, making adjustments as needed so as to avoid glass discoloration.

Low-E Coatings

Every Renewal by Andersen window unit utilizes a low emissivity (low-E) coating system for the glass to achieve varying levels of heating, cooling, visible light transfer and ultraviolet (UV) protection. The exterior part of the glass panel has a metal oxide coating to make the surface easier to clean and reduce water spotting. The interior part (inside the airspace), meanwhile, has spectrally selective low-E coatings to maximize the visible light that comes through the window while blocking damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Dual Seal

These two panes of glass are secured in each window, including our specialty windows, using two sealants: compressed butyl and a specially-formulated silicone. These are precisely applied to prevent air and moisture leaks and ensure the long life of the units.

Learn more about our energy-efficient glass packages by calling Renewal by Andersen of Spokane today at (509) 202-4090. You may also fill out our contact form for a free, in-home consultation. We serve Spokane and surrounding areas.


"We had originally had the installation scheduled for mid-August, but had mentioned if they could do it sooner, that would be great. A cancellation led to us getting our 7 windows replaced almost a month early. The crew, which started out as 2, Tyler and Robert, arrived at just about 8 AM. They got to work immediately, were courteous, professional and wasted no time getting to the project at hand. Later in the day, another crew showed up because they had fewer windows to install a block or so over and got finished early., Chris and Adam, and suddenly everything was in fast forward. The entire job was finished before about 4PM, I think. They cleaned up and we discovered that something may have been vacuumed up as they went along. I was amazed that they actually emptied the vacuum cleaner bag and we found the missing objects (part of a master model that had gotten knocked down as WE prepared for the windows to be installed.). The crew went above and beyond by looking for the small plastic parts in that vacuum cleaner bag. I know, when we are ready to replace the remaining windows, we will be calling on this same company! They are awesome, efficient and friendly, yet very professional. Very pleased with everything they did, and the windows are beautiful, and functional, and we can already feel a difference in the house."

Debra Bird

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