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Differentiating Between Insert Window and Full Frame Installations

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency, a window replacement by Renewal by Andersen® of Spokane might be just the home makeover you’re looking for. But for your new windows to perform their best, they require to the very best installation as well.

Differentiating Between Insert Window and Full Frame Installations

Whenever we do home window installations, we make it a point to inspect the current fixtures first. From there, we can determine the right installation method to employ for the completion of the project. Here, we discuss two options: insert window and full frame window installations. Read more below to learn the difference between the two.

Insert Window Installation

This type of installation takes into account the state of your current windows. If our installation crew finds that the window sills and frames are still in good condition, we’ll proceed with the replacement using this method. We also pursue this if the casing or trim needs to remain in place during the installation.

The process for insert window installation is straightforward. We first remove the old sash and other components, leaving behind the original frame, interior casing, exterior siding and exterior trim. Before we place the insert, we ensure that every pocket or gap gets covered with needed insulation. We then place inserts with narrow frame profiles, which provide more glass area.

Full Frame Window Installation

Window contractors well know about full frame window installation, as it involves removing the old windows and installing new units. We proceed with this type of installation if we find that you have damaged frames or windows that show signs of drafts.

With this method, we remove the entire window, leaving the rough opening to be prepared for the replacement unit. We insulate the gaps the same way as with the insert window process, fit the replacement window into the opening, then leave you to enjoy the excellent benefits of your new fixtures.

Renewal by Andersen of Spokane follows a thorough window replacement process, starting with a professional consultation and ending with happy, satisfied customers. As for the house, other than the beautiful, energy-efficient new windows now gracing your home, it will look like we were never there. And with Renewal by Andersen of Spokane, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your windows.

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