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Can Strong Winds Affect a Window’s Performance?

Your windows are exposed to the elements all the time, which eventually causes wear and tear. Many homeowners worry particularly about the impact of strong winds on their windows and how to mitigate the risk of wind-related damage when investing in window replacement

Today, Renewal by Andersen® of Spokane delves into this issue and walks you through what you need to know about strong winds and window performance.

How Multi-Pane Windows Are Built

Multi-pane windows from reputable window contractors contain at least two panes of insulated glass. In between these panes is a special gas, usually argon or krypton, that boosts the insulation of the window, enhancing the energy efficiency of the home.

During the winter season, the gas fill between the glass panes helps keeps indoor heat where you want it–inside your home. In the summer, the opposite happens, with the insulated glass preventing outdoor heat from entering your home. This reduces the burden on your HVAC system, leading to energy savings. 

Exposure to the Elements

Every day, multi-paned windows are exposed to the elements. Changes in temperature result in thermal pumping that occurs within the insulated glass units. This can take a toll on the windows over time, leading to the breakdown of the seals that keep the glass panes secure.

Strong winds can be damaging because they may carry debris that could hit the window and compromise the glass or seal, affecting the windows’ performance. Moist air can then make its way in between the glass panes, resulting in condensation. If you suspect your window has suffered this type of damage, you’ll need to arrange an inspection with your window contractor. The best way to safeguard your windows from this type of damage, however, is to invest in high-quality windows installed by experienced professionals, and to stay on top of window maintenance.

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