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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Windows

9You want your bedroom to be a comfortable space where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. Windows can help you maximize your personal space’s beauty and comfort.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Windows

In today’s post, one of the most trusted window contractors, Renewal by Andersen® of Spokane, discusses things you need to consider when choosing windows for your bedroom.

1. Natural Light – Larger windows can make a small bedroom look more spacious. They will also let in more natural light. Exposure to natural light boosts vitamin D, prevents seasonal depression and improves sleep.

2. Local Building Codes – Check your local building code for the size and height requirements for window openings in case of fire or an emergency.

3. View – You can enjoy a wider view of the outdoors with bigger windows. They also create a brighter ambiance in the day and a more peaceful atmosphere at night.

4. Energy Efficiency – Energy-efficient windows help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your bedroom, which can help you sleep better. Aside from that, you get savings on energy costs as your heating and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard. Your local window replacement expert, Renewal by Andersen of Spokane, offers a wide range of quality and energy-efficient windows. Our windows feature High Performance™ Low-E4® and exclusive Fibrex® frames and sashes.

5. Ventilation – Proper ventilation is important in your living spaces. Adequate airflow helps in managing the humidity of your home. Moisture buildup causes mold to grow, which can have negative effects on your health.

6. Window Treatment – Curtains and drapes are normally used to give your space more privacy. You can use blackout drapes at night to help you sleep better. Sheer curtains can give your bedroom a vintage look. They can be layered over blinds or shades for added privacy.

Choose Renewal by Andersen of Spokane your window replacement project. Our team of experts can help you select the perfect windows for your bedroom. We also offer quality patio door replacement services. Call us at (509) 202-4090 or complete our online form for a free consultation. We serve homeowners in Spokane, WA.


"We had originally had the installation scheduled for mid-August, but had mentioned if they could do it sooner, that would be great. A cancellation led to us getting our 7 windows replaced almost a month early. The crew, which started out as 2, Tyler and Robert, arrived at just about 8 AM. They got to work immediately, were courteous, professional and wasted no time getting to the project at hand. Later in the day, another crew showed up because they had fewer windows to install a block or so over and got finished early., Chris and Adam, and suddenly everything was in fast forward. The entire job was finished before about 4PM, I think. They cleaned up and we discovered that something may have been vacuumed up as they went along. I was amazed that they actually emptied the vacuum cleaner bag and we found the missing objects (part of a master model that had gotten knocked down as WE prepared for the windows to be installed.). The crew went above and beyond by looking for the small plastic parts in that vacuum cleaner bag. I know, when we are ready to replace the remaining windows, we will be calling on this same company! They are awesome, efficient and friendly, yet very professional. Very pleased with everything they did, and the windows are beautiful, and functional, and we can already feel a difference in the house."

Debra Bird

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