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5 Signs of a Bad Window Installation

A window installation project is a significant investment for any homeowner to undertake. After all, any window that you install will be there for a long time. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re hiring the right window contractors for the job. 


Suspect you’re dealing with a bad installation? You may be right if you’re seeing these signs on a new window:

  • Drafts or Water Damage – It’s a general rule of thumb that air and water should not be able to pass through your windows. As such, if you feel a draft when you pass by, it means something went wrong with the installation. This can result in higher energy bills as drafts suggest a lack of proper insulation. Pooling water, bubbling paint and visible mold, meanwhile, are clear signs of moisture damage.
  • Fog Between Panes – If there’s fog between your window panes, it means your window seals have failed and you’re dealing with condensation. If your window replacement is exhibiting signs of fogging, it’s likely that its seal was broken during the installation process or you weren’t provided a quality window unit in the first place.
  • Gaps Between the Sill and Frame – On the other hand, if your contractor made the mistake of not properly measuring the window opening, there might be gaps between the sill and frame. If this is the issue with your window, contact the manufacturer and ask them about their product return policies due to contractor error.
  • Uneven Caulking – The caulking on your window’s exterior is what weatherproofs and seals your window. While it’s true that the bottom edge should not be caulked, the sides and top portions should have an even layer of caulking. If the caulk is messy and uneven, it’s a sign that your contractor cut corners during the installation.
  • Difficult Operation – If your window is properly installed, it’ll open and close with no problem. However, if the window wasn’t installed properly, operational problems are sure to occur. Should this be the issue for your windows, contact the manufacturer while your warranty is still valid so they can have it replaced or at least, send someone to re-install it properly.

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"Adam and Josh are two young men that obviously enjoy the craft of installing Andersen windows. It is clear that they appreciate the quality of these windows and express that in the skill with which they put into their installation. They were very helpful with answering my questions about my new windows. They went the extra mile to explain what products I should buy for cleaning and maintaining my new windows. I want these two young men to return to install my next set of Anderson Windows."

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